About Home Theater Evolutions

Welcome to Home Theater Evolutions, the experts in home automation, custom home theater & commercial electronics. If you’re building your dream home or remodeling your current home, our staff is here to help you design and engineer your perfect system to fit your needs and budget. Designing your system at the beginning of your project will save you money and headaches at the end. Call us, we can help!

Home Automation

At Home Theater Evolutions we will do just that, automate your home. Have specific lights turn on at night just by walking in the room, turn off every light or TV in your home at the push of a button. Forget to close your garage door or lock the door? Do just that from your smartphone miles away from home. Control every aspect of security from cameras, alarm panels, and door locks. There really is no limit to what you can customize. We set ourselves apart by designing a system with direct user feedback to obtain a unique and custom installation for every client. We work with you from the ground up, every step on the way. Our close relationships with home builders and designers insures that all installations will go as smooth as possible.

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Commercial Office Automation Installation in Houston Texas

Commercial Applications

Home Theater Evolutions can improve your presentations and meetings by adding better picture and sound in your conference room. From small meeting rooms to large conference rooms, we have solutions to meet your needs and budget. Even the softest spoken person can be heard loud and clear with our high-quality wireless microphones.

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